Quick tips for Outlook from the Office team

I was just pointed at these tips on Office's site. Most are well known to experienced Outlook users, but I was surprised that I didn't know some of them:

  • Flag that message fast  To quickly flag a message, select a message in the message list, and then press INSERT.

  • Did you know that you can change the time periods shown in the Calendar grid?  In the Calendar time grid, you can change the default setting for 30-minute time slots to be 5-, 6-, 10-, 15-, or 60-minute time slots. Right-click the Calendar, click Other Settings, and then click the number you want from the Time Scale list.

  • Move Desktop Alerts to a different monitor  If your desktop spans more than one monitor, you can make Desktop Alerts appear on any monitor you use. When an alert appears, pause your cursor over it, and then drag it to the part of your desktop displayed on the monitor you want to view the alert on.

Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another Microsoft blogger that I should have known about before: K.C.

  2. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Hi KC,

    I just tried to check the link and got a "page not found" error.



  3. KC Lemson says:

    Benjamin: it works for me, I’m not sure what could be wrong.

  4. Benjamin Mateos says:

    This is the error page that I get…


    It´s a standard Microsoft error page from Spanish office page.



  5. KC Lemson says:

    Benjamin – try changing your language to english in your browser (tools internet options languages in ie). I can repro the problem you report when my accept-language is spanish.

    I will report this problem to the folks who own the website, thanks for letting me know. It’s possible they intended it, since the article isn’t available in spanish, but my personal opinion is that they should still provide the english version.

  6. Benjamin Mateos says:

    YES !

    It worked changing the languague settings… But, why it was "regionalized" that way; I think it´s the first time I see this kind of error, just like you explain.

    Thanks for the link 😉

    PS. This looks like live messaging !



  7. KC Lemson says:

    As Scoble would say, we’re using blogs to have a conversation 🙂

  8. Benjamin Mateos says:

    And you have to notice the time difference also !!!.

    Thanks for your help.

    BTW, my IM is benjamin_mateos@hotmail.com just in case 😉



  9. KC Lemson says:

    Benjamin – they plan on having a solution in place to handle these types of issues later this year. There is no quick fix for this scenario, if they defaulted to showing the english content, you’d get english content in the localized frames.

  10. Benjamin Mateos says:

    That’s what I thought at first, that it will appear in English. Not getting an error like that.

    Anyway, thanks for all your help.



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