Trending of your blog’s statistics

Scott Mitchell has an interesting post today which analyzed the date/time of the comments on his blog to look for patterns. Quote:

...the later in the week a blog entry is made, the less likely it is to receive comments. However, the hour of the day the entry is posted makes little difference on the number of comments it attracts. Of course, the strongest correlation between a blog entry and the number of comments it receives is likely the quality of the blog entry, but, assuming a "comment-provoking" blog entry is as likely to be made on one day of the week versus any other, the data shows that it's best to make that blog entry earlier in the week than later.

By far the most fascinating part is seeing John Sands' statistics.

P.S. John, that cracked me up, thanks.

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  1. Louis Parks says:

    I’m haven’t noticed that trend on my own blog, but I’m guessing it’s due to my not too large readership – that is, the sample size is too small for statistical analysis.

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