If you’re in need of laughs…

Scott Oseychik, previously a PM on the Exchange team, recently left Microsoft to be a full-time comedian: http://www.oseychik.com/

If you'll be in any of the areas below on these dates, I highly recommend checking out his show. Not because I've ever actually seen him do standup, but because you can bellow out requests like “My CPU is at 100%, what should I do, funny man?“ and “I just virus scanned my M drive like you told me...“.

March 31-April 3: The Comedy Zone (Knoxville, TN)
April 14-18:
The Comedy Zone (Charlotte, NC)
April 20-25: Stardome (Birmingham, AL)
April 27-May 2: Stardome (Birmingham, AL)
May 12-15: The Comedy Zone (Charlotte, NC)
May 18: One Night Only! Most Offensive Night of Comedy (with Clint Nohr, Matt Davis, and Paul Hooper) The Comedy Zone (Charlotte, NC)
May 19-22: The Comedy Zone (Charlotte, NC)
May 27: The Comedy Zone (Knoxville, TN)
May 28-29:
The Comedy Zone (Johnson City, TN)
June 16-19: The Comedy Zone (Charlotte, NC)
June 23-26: The Comedy Zone (Knoxville, TN)

If you can't laugh with him, laugh at him. 🙂

We miss ya, Scott!

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