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I recently received an email letting me know that Eric Rudder made some suggestions to the folks who own the community websites at Microsoft about how the most important parts of the pages should be more visible at the top of the page.

In Exchange's community web page, the most important parts are the “Meet the MVPs” section as well as the section with links to third party Exchange communities. So those are now at the top.

OK I admit, this change in and of itself isn't really noteworthy... but the part I thought was most interesting was that this was Eric's idea. So he doesn't keep up his blog, which is a bummer... but he does have impact in other ways, this being one tiny way. (As soon as I saw the mail, I thought duh, I wish I'd suggested that. Oh well.)

On a related note, if you want your Exchange website or blog or other type of community to be listed on the Exchange related communities page, note the link at the bottom that tells you how to make this request.

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  1. mearls@hotmail.com (Michael Earls) says:

    So if the link to the MVPs is at the top, and the link for how to get listed in the directory is at the bottom, what does that tell us about the directory (based on the subject of this post)?


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