Expand and collapse the folder tree with two keyboard shortcuts

I learned something new in Woody's Email Essentials today. In Outlook, when you're in a place with a folder list (such as the “Go To Folder” dialog, or the folder list in the main view), you can use * and - on the number pad to expand and collapse the folder tree, starting from the folder that's currently selected.

So, to expand the entire tree, Shift+Home to go to the top and press * and it will expand all of your folders, so that you can type-down to the folder you want. Similarly, - will collapse.

I usually use type-down to the folder I want and then hit the right arrow to expand, but this way you can expand all of the subfolders in the entire store, which is pretty nifty.

Note: The tip in today's WEE about using delayed delivery will not work if you are working against an Exchange server, see my previous entry for one way to do that.

Comments (5)

  1. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    This just in… If you press a letter on your keyboard it appears on the screen.

  2. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    Woody’s essential emails.

    Receiving porn at work are we?

  3. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    "How to avoid accidentally sending a message before you’re ready "

    by not entering the To and Cc fields, INGENIUS!

  4. Ian Hanschen says:

    This is actually a feature of the treeview control – anywhere the treeview is used you should be able to press * to fully expand and collapse children.

  5. Lemsip says:

    Awe ook da wuvers read each odders blogs, oww cutie dat iss. Oooh it makes dem so sweet, ooh yeah it does, sooo sweeet *barf*.

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