Is there any way to get at raw referrer logs via .Text?

When we were on, we used BlogX, which was simple but did most everything I wanted. One of the features I liked was the ability to download the raw referrer logs. Is there any way to do something similar in .Text? Paging through the referrers 10 at a time is tedious, particularly as the google hits stack up...

P.S. It's difficult to search for “.text” in the search engines I've tried, is there any way to get google to stop ignoring the period? Not everyone calls it dotText...

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  1. Damian says:

    " It’s difficult to search for “.text” in the search engines I’ve tried, is there any way to get google to stop ignoring the period? Not everyone calls it dotText…"

    You might want to take that up with Microsoft marketing. If they hadn’t gone with ".NET", there wouldn’t be a .Text 🙂

    I haven’t found a way around it though

  2. Bill Trowbridge says:

    Just thought I’d mention, it’s difficult to search for "Access", "Exchange", "Server", "Basic", etc. in search engines, too. They produce lots of unrelated hits. "C#" is horrible, not to mention ".NET". I’ve always wondered why Microsoft chooses such generic names for their products. Their code-names are good, then they drop them and use generic names for final release. "OneNote" is a good exception.

    > grew a human


  3. Scott says:

    try, ".Text" (with the quotes) Google takes anything in quotes as a literal string. Anything outside of quotes is subject to the Google Keyword rules.

    Get thee to O’Reilly and get this one ( or this one (
    via Safari (or one of those dead tree versions)

    You can also limit it to a site using the "site:domainname.tld" keyword. Say I’m looking for the MSDN entry for the DropDownList webcontrol. I type in " DropDownList webcontrol" and voilla

    you can also find all the sites Google has spidered that link to your site (or any site) using the "link:" keyword. Like this.

  4. Scott says:

    btw, even ".Text" sucks. Mix up your keywords like ‘".Text" blog’ or ‘".Text" RSS’.

  5. Scott says:

    Most documentation is being written on the Wiki,, with specific feature highlights occuring on my blog

    But I can jump in with an answer and say no 🙁

    At the moment, the only referrals tracked are to direct posts, which is what shows up on the referrals page. I will try to increase the number of items per page (or maybe even add a download) in the future.


  6. KC Lemson says:

    Bill – I think I read an article about this recently… It may be because MS wants to choose familiar terms for certain markets so that there’s an instant sense of understanding, but that’s just me guessing. I have hit the same problem though… I usually put "microsoft exchange" or just microsoft+exchange in the search engines when I’m looking.

    Scott Koon – I’d tried ".Text" before posting this entry, but that doesn’t work. It returns entries with just the word "text" in it, or input type=text, etc. Are you saying you can get searches for ".Text" to NOT show entries with just "Text" in them?

    Scot Water: Thanks for the confirmation… I had read your wiki and blog entries about it before posting, but I appreciate the confirmation. I’ve added a couple of feature requests to the wiki (download raw referrals, support showing referrers to the main URL, and as a perhaps easier fix than the above two, the ability to customize how many referrers show at a time)

  7. Scott says:

    Upon looking closer, and Googling the Google support group, you can’t search for punctuation.

    Which sucks. You’ll have to include some kind of context, I’m not sure what you’re trying to search for referrer logs or just general information.

    ".Text" + blog returned Scott W.s page as the first result.

  8. KC Lemson says:

    The google comment was just a side note. I was trying to find out if .Text supported referrers. I looked at ScottW’s blog and wiki and didn’t see an answer, so I went to google, where I was unable to really get a lot of hits about .text in general.

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