I’m a killjoy

Brian Desmond recently blogged about some funny KB articles (”Sometimes Barney Starts Playing Peekabo on His Own” is my personal favorite). There was a stupid Exchange KB and a whitepaper with an unfortunate typo regarding “public folders” in the list. I forwarded them around internally and although we all enjoyed them, I also got the Exchange ones fixed/pulled. Sorry! 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Mike Dunn says:

    The best KB article ever is Q131109: Earth Rotates in Wrong Direction


    I like how they say they are "researching this problem"… I guess they’re trying to get in touch with Superman to have him reverse the Earth’s spin again, to match the software. 😉

  2. KC Lemson says:

    Hehe… that’s part of a standard template that pretty much gets applied to most articles.

  3. Adam Field says:

    I miss the actimates…

    We have a barney, 2 teletubbies, an arthur and a DW.

    My daughter loves them

  4. Now I’m curious – I have no idea which one this was.

  5. KC Lemson says:

    It was a stupid OWA article, Q253059, about pressing tab a bunch of times.

    I went through most of the OWA articles a couple of years ago and pulled stupid ones, but I must have missed this one somehow.

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