Friday, January 30th, is “Hug an IT Pro” day

Today, I was very rude to a helpdesk guy. I feel horrible about it - I was projecting my annoyance with some red tape on this poor guy, who had nothing to do with the problem. I was very curt and difficult with him, which was not productive. If I'd just sat on the phone another hour or two, I'm sure my problem could have been resolved peacefully, but I just didn't have that time (I wanted to report a problem that wasn't actually blocking me in any way, but didn't want to stick around to troubleshoot it).

So, in honor of me being rude, I proclaim tomorrow, Friday 1/30, as “Hug an IT Pro” day. These guys & gals have a tough job, dealing with people like myself who've just had a bad day and take it all out on them.

P.S. Sorry, mr-helpdesk-guy-who-is-right-now-telling-his-coworkers-about-the-*****-he-just-dealt-with! I'm really a good person, I swear :-)

P.P.S. Doesn't Bud have a commercial along these lines?

P.P.P.S. There will be no hugging of developers permitted on Hug An IT Pro day. Y'all can have Monday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So be on the lookout… especially Microsoft IT folks… Kase is proclaiming tomorow, Friday, January 30th, "Hug an IT Pro" day. We’ve all experienced these kinds of users… they don’t want to go through the troubleshooting steps… they simply want…

  2. says:

    No Bud commercials, but there is a Nextel commercial along those lines.

    Some guy in a coffeeshop having problems with his laptop, using his nextel walkie-talkie phone back to the IT department about his problem.

    After a few back and forth messages, some guy swoops in, replaces the laptop and the guy who originated the call says ‘How did you do that?’.

    With the annoying Nextel Walkie Talkie system sir!

  3. Brian ( says:

    Bud Light has a "Mr. Company Computer Guy" commercial (plus about 60 others in the "Real Men of Genius" series:

  4. KC Lemson says:

    Excellent, Brian, that’s what I was thinking of… I was humming ‘real american hero’ in my head but couldn’t think of the rest of the words.

  5. jesse says:

    Anyone have a download of the Nextel commercial. I have been looking online but I can not find it…

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