More than you ever wanted to know about mailbox management in Exchange 2003

The web team and PSS put together a page with links to a bunch of other sources of information about mailbox management in Exchange 2003:

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  1. Roy Whittaker says:


    New e-mail meassage tool bar:

    View>Options>Delivery Options

    What does Do not deliver before actually mean e.g. I could enter 10 June 2000 23:00. the wording could mean deliver in 2 years time!!! or 1 years time or anytime not before the stated date. It does seem a perverse wording e.g why could it not say Deliver at 10 June 2004 23:00 then we would know exactly when to expect it to go.

    You views/adviuce on this would be most appreciated.

    Roy Whittaker

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