It was only six short months ago that I blogged about becoming the release manager for Exchange, and already it’s changing… starting February 1st, I will no longer be the release manager for Exchange. This change is for a very good reason: I have decided that I want to work part time so that I…


Near….. far! Hard….. easy!

Hard: Cairo Station on Legendary. Someone please come over to my house and get past that dang shuttle bay for us, we have spent 5 hours replaying that level too many times! Easy: Come on, Canon, can’t you at least spell check your resources?? Not one, but two… and ESL is no excuse for either….


Your personality summarized in 26 links. Or fewer, if you don’t have a personality.

Bill posted this meme (which came from a bunch of people, as far back as this dude whose O was, hurrah!) and it caught my eye: Clear the address bar in your browser, type in every letter of the alphabet, and list out what is the first URL on the history list. …Or, in my case,…


I had hoped I wouldn’t have to, but…

I have turned on moderated comments for the blog. The raft of comment spam I received today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It sucks when some losers ruin it for everyone else. Anyway, I’ll try to be expedient about allowing good comments to show.


Pressing backspace in Microsoft Word doesn’t delete the text

This has happened to me a couple of times, and I don’t know how, but I got into a state where when in Word, when I selected text and pressed the backspace key, it would move the cursor to the front of the word instead of deleting the text. The delete key still worked. To…


Those wacky blogging release managers

Iain’s blogging. Rock. His last few posts are quoting one of my all-time favorite software development documents, the “Out of Control” memo. I have those words printed up and hung outside my door, taking up a long chunk of the hallway, as a constant reminder. Plus there’s the dev div’s release team. And Charlie, the release…


Geeks’ hobbies, and working at Microsoft

Note, that is different from geek hobbies. 🙂 Steve talked about techies having non-technical hobbies. This reminded me of a job I interviewed for a few years ago (in marketing – long story, basically I was tired of the death march to RTM [1] and wanted to do something more customer-centric for a change). In…


A different kind of red vs blue.

This is pretty interesting. Gotta love the internet and geeks with spare time.

Convert windows movie maker’s DV Type-1 to Type-2

I swap back and forth between Windows Movie Maker & Pinnacle Studio 8 for video editing depending on my editing needs and mood. Movie Maker is nice because it’s on every machine I use, so I will often capture the video on one machine but edit it on another. One problem with this is that…

Halo 2 skin for Windows Media Player

I’m not a huge fan of skins myself, but I have to admit that this one that Sean Alexander pointed at is pretty cute: Sean also points at the first song of the Halo 2 soundtrack.