A new tool for helping put your Task Preparation Sheets together

I am in charge of a program whereby I give out small gifts to folks on the Exchange team once a month as an incentive. I've been giving out Amazon.com gift certificates, but I haven't seen them actually act as much of an incentive. Sure, everyone likes to get gift certificates for stores like Amazon, but they're not exactly the kind of thing that's discussed at the lunch table [1].

Thanks to this post on Korby's old blog, I have settled on a new item I will give out instead: red Swingline staplers[2]:


I'll be presenting the staplers as well as the TPS report, of course. I'm hoping that these incentive gifts will leave a more lasting impression.


[1] Sometimes I think the corporate world is just a big gradeschool.
[2] ThinkGeek has some great stuff. I also own several of their onesies [3] for my 6 month old son.
A onesie is like a leotard for babies, with snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changing. Much easier than a plain t-shirt which rides up too much for children who don't locomote of their own volition.

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