Adding inline HTML to messages

If you want to add the contents of an HTML file on your machine to an Outlook email inline (rather than as an attachment), you have a couple of options. You could browse to the file, open it in your browser, copy the contents and paste it into an email body and cross your fingers that the browser you're using puts things on the clipboard correctly (one browser in particular always used to annoy me by interpreting the end of lines in the current window width as line breaks in a copy, although that was years ago)... or you could insert the file directly:

1. Open a new HTML message
2. Insert | File
3. Browse to the HTML file you want to insert
4. Click the down arrow next to the Insert button and choose "As Text"

You can also use this to add the contents of a text file to a message rather than attaching it, for example.

Comments (3)

  1. pellis says:

    Was hoping you might have a tip on the opposite approach. I receive some emails with cute little animations. I’d like to save them off (in their original animated GIF format). However, the only option given to me from Outlook 2000 is to save them off as BMP files, thus, losing their animation quality. Any ideas? ( if you don’t feel like posting to the world)

  2. KC Lemson says:

    Honestly, I don’t know for sure, but I believe it might be due to something very similar to what Jeff describes here:

    In Outlook’s case, there is no image cache on the disk, it’s all in memory, so I *think* that’s why you can only save as BMP.

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