Crabby office lady dishes on outlook versus outlook express

One of my favorite online ‘personalities’, the Crabby Office Lady has a column on the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express, which is a common misunderstanding in the Outlook newsgroups. She writes about the rest of the office products as well, fun reading.


Configure how long the ‘desktop alert’ stays on the screen

I was asked in the comments on a previous entry if the desktop alert display interval could be customized to longer than 30 seconds. The UI in Outlook 2003 (Tools | Options | Email Options | Desktop Alert Settings) limits you to 30 seconds, but yes you can configure the interval to be longer using the…


Fox is listening to its customers…

This is the first time I’ve heard of DVD sales making a network rethink a previous decision: Family Guy might come back. Hooray! Along these lines, I wonder if Amazon’s “Vote for this DVD” feature has resulted in any changes?


Figure out which Exchange development technology is right for you

The Exchange 2003 SDK has a list of the technologies and information about each one (examples of when you would want to use it, whether or not it’s managed, required permissions, etc). This is a nice high-level overview to help focus you decide which technology is appropriate for your needs:


28.35 grams of prevention is worth 453.6 grams of cure

I stumbled on a new columnist recently, Martha Brockenbrough. She’s got some interesting light reading: “There’s a creeping “metricization” going on. And someday, you may finally have to admit that kilo for kilo, it really is a better system. It’s hard for me to write that. I am a huge fan of the United States’…


Communities @ Microsoft

Aaron Overton, the Windows Server community guy, has a blog. I particularly liked his analogy of the state of microsoft communities compared to linux communities – we have a ways to go. I think that Microsoft-related communities will always be different and approach things in different ways from those of our competitors. We have things…


Building and shipping software at Microsoft

I gave a presentation to our MVPs on how the Exchange team builds software yesterday. Assuming the participants aren’t just stroking my ego, it went pretty well. Often customers are surprised why their pet DCR isn’t implemented in the same release as when they request it; I think there’s a perception that A) there’s a…


Automatically color items based on their category

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been OOF sick most of the week. Thus far, my son hasn’t come down with my cold yet – I’m crossing my fingers. Jim asked in a comment on a previous entry if it was possible to color items automatically based on the category. The answer: heck yeah! Here’s how…


Programmatically clear IE 6 SP1’s cached credentials

If you’re using IE6 SP1 with Outlook Web Access (or any web application that uses HTTP authentication), you don’t need to have forms-based authentication enabled or an ActiveX control installed in order to make clicking logoff really log you off. There’s a new script call in IE6 SP1 that can clear cached credentials programmatically. It is…