Intellimouse navigation within Outlook

If you have an Intellimouse,
you can use the buttons on the side of the mouse to navigate between folders you've
already selected (they act like a forward/back button in Internet Explorer as well
as Outlook):

1. Click on the Inbox
2. Click on the Calendar
3. Click on the Contacts folder
4. Click on the Sent Items folder
5. Click the button on the left side of the intellimouse and you'll
be moved back to the Sent Items. Click it again and you'll be moved back to Contacts,
6. Then try clicking the button on the right side of the intellimouse to move forward
through the folder list.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    While this sounds kinda cool, I wonder if it’s a little featuritis? Did you get a lot of requests for that feature?

    I hope (just about to install "Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003" – MOPEE) the cool features aren’t at the expense of anything else…. but then I’ve never had *too* many problems with Outlook – Just Word.

    Just glad I got the "Enterprise Professional edition" ….

  2. KC Lemson says:

    I wasn’t involved with the development of this feature, I just find it useful in some cases. The Office team adds a lot of features that weren’t specifically requested by customers, but that some % of the customers still appreciate and use; finding a good balance in that process is one of the challenges of software development in general.

  3. KC Lemson says:

    Just wanted to add that I was reminded of something I once heard – "Designing Microsoft Office is like ordering pizza for a million people."

  4. Ross says:

    I like that last quote. Personally if I had to order pizza for a million people, I’d deliver the base and let them pick what ingredients they wanted, rather than just put every single ingredient on top whether they liked it or not ….

  5. KC Lemson says:

    One problem with that, unfortunately, is that a significant chunk of those million people don’t know how to add their own ingredients =) Just take a look at the Tools | Options dialog in Outlook – there’s already a lot of customizable options (tools options e-mail options advanced e-mail options for example), yet the average user rarely gets to that level to customize what they want.

    As far as "bloatware" goes, there’s also the "80/20 rule of software development"… and Joel Spolsky has done a great job of summing up how I feel about that:

  6. Ben M. Schorr says:

    I do find the Forward/Back features in Outlook helpful for navigating among folders, though I generally do so with the Forward/Back buttons on my Office keyboard. I have my Intellimouse buttons programmed to other things; most notably the large thumb button is set for "Delete" in Outlook. Very handy for quickly reading/cleaning hundreds of messages during the day.


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