Pre-fill in “To” field on a new message in OWA 2003

In OWA 2003, you can now create a message and fill
in an address on the To field with a single URL:


To fill in multiple addresses:


OWA will then open up a compose note with the addresses
already resolved for you.

Comments (3)

  1. Larry says:

    I would also like to pre-fill the cc or bcc and subect/body sections if possible. Do you know of a way to do that through the url commands.

  2. KC Lemson says:

    Larry – no, that is not possible with OWA URL commands today.

  3. Frank says:


    In this string, can you make a variable for "user" so it will take the NT Login name and fill it in here? I tried using "%username%" but that doesn’t work…

    Any help is appreciated! 🙂

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