Easy to remember URLs for Exchange 2003 resources

When you install Exchange 2003, two shortcuts will
be added to Exchange's Program Files folder - one to the Exchange Technical Library,
and the other to the Exchange Tools & Updates page. This
is one of the steps that the Exchange team has taken towards ensuring that the content
and bits that you use are supported, reliable, and up to date.


This redirects to the Exchange 2003 Technical Library.
This is where you can find the most current versions of all Exchange 2003
white papers, as well as a publication schedule for upcoming white papers.

New with Exchange 2003 is the "Seal of freshness" stamped
on every white paper. This ensures that white papers are reviewed for accuracy several
times a year, and updated as necessary. You no longer need to worry if a white paper
is out of date once a service pack has been released, the library page will tell you.


Similarly, you never need to ask "Where can I find
the tool...". The answer is always "The exchange 2003 tools & updates page". The
tools that used to be shipped on the Exchange 2000 CD were removed and those that
are supported were put on this web site. We will periodically be updating these downloads,
and you can always look at this page for the most up-to-date versions.

Bits that aren't exactly tools but aren't a full-fledged
service pack will also be linked from this page. For example, you can download Device
Update 3.0 to update the list of devices that Outlook Mobile Access supports. Another
update available on this page as of today is a sink that lets you archive messages
sent to your server.

Our goal is to refresh the tools and updates (new versions
of existing tools/updates, as well as brand new tools/updates) on this page periodically;
we released the first batch in June, and the first update happened in August 2003.
The next update will happen some time next year.

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