Do you work with cookies? Worried about security?

Of course, to the question in the subject, I’m sure you are saying: “ah-doyyy…“ And to that, I say that “ah-doyyy“ is an expression that isn’t used nearly enough these days. Anyway, if you are working with cookies, then you should read this article on MSDN about “HTTP-only” cookie support in IE6 SP1. These cookies…


A new tool for helping put your Task Preparation Sheets together

I am in charge of a program whereby I give out small gifts to folks on the Exchange team once a month as an incentive. I’ve been giving out gift certificates, but I haven’t seen them actually act as much of an incentive. Sure, everyone likes to get gift certificates for stores like Amazon, but they’re not…


Where are the playa haters?

Church of the Customer has an interesting post today about how Russell Simmons found that the hatred of rap/hip-hop really helped it grow an enthusiastic community. I definitely see microsoft playa-hatin’ as a unifying force in certain linux communities like slashdot, but I haven’t seen the reverse as universally – in Microsoft-related communities, there doesn’t…


Magical disappearing messages with Outlook 2002

If you’re really bored, here’s one way to amuse yourself in Outlook 2002 or earlier: 1. Start Outlook and turn off the preview pane (View | Preview Pane)2. Select a folder with a lot of unread messages in it3. Go to Tools | Options | Other | Preview Pane4. Check “Mark messages as read in preview window”, change the interval to 2 seconds, and OK out of…


Why isn’t “Allow comma as address separator” enabled by default?

Outlook has a setting to control whether or not a comma can be used as an address separator (the default separator is a semi-colon). It’s disabled by default in Outlook (Tools | Options | E-Mail Options | Advanced E-Mail Options), although the same setting in Outlook Express is enabled by default. Personally, when I install Outlook,…


Multi-generational video games

Tonight, David and I played Halo with his parents. For the first 20 minutes we were playing, I thought his dad was moving around like quite a pro, strafing and backing around corners. Eventually we figured out that he didn’t know how to turn. Oops. 🙂


Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Here are some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Outlook, from a self-proclaimed keyboard junkie. Many of these are standard windows shortcuts, some are specific to Outlook: F6: Switches between navigation pane/folder list, message list and preview pane. Also useful in other applications or elsewhere in windows (when the desktop is visible, I use F6…


Never attribute to malice what can be explained by lack of customer love

I’m a huge fan of Amazon. Even though I live in Washington and have to pay sales tax on Amazon orders, I consistently use it over competing sites like barnes & noble or because I believe in The Amazon Dream and I want to continue supporting them. Today, however, something happened with a recent…


I love software testing

Franci pointed out an article about the future of software testing. The article has some good points, although as Franci mentions, Microsoft’s testers already have accomplished some of the future goals he outlines (working in tandem with developers, spec reviewing, etc), and others are underway. While in college majoring in computer science, I discovered (much to my…


The “Executive Summary” feature

I’ve heard this phrase used several times, and the first few times I was mystified. What is this magical ‘executive summary’ feature in Outlook? Is it some magical content-parser that extrapolates the key terms from a message? Can it slice, dice and put a home cooked meal on the table by the time father gets…