Windows 10 Volume Activation Tips

Hi, Today’s blog is going to cover some tips around preparing your organization for activating Windows 10 computers using volume activation Updating Existing KMS Hosts The first thing to do is to update your KMS host to support Windows…(read more)

Surface Pro 3 Hibernation Update You’ll Want To Apply

Hey folks Joao Botto with a quick link to some very important Surface Pro 3 information that Scott McArthur published on the AskCore blog: If have used a Surface Pro 3 you may have noticed that after 4h of sleep it just goes into hibernation by default. That is because (1) It wakes up…

Updating Surface Pro 3 firmware (Cross Post)

Hi this is Scott McArthur and I just wanted to call attention to a blog that I worked on with some of our PFE engineers that just posted related to Surface. How to Update the Surface Pro 3 Firmware Offline using a USB Drive http://blogs.technet…(read more)

Asset Tag Tool for Surface Pro 3

Hi my name is Scott McArthur and I want to call out a tool that recently came out that allows Enterprise customers to set Asset Tags on Surface Pro 3. This tool is available for download at the following location:…(read more)

Deploying Surface Pro 3 Pen and OneNote Tips

Hi, my name is Scott McArthur and I am Senior Support Escalation Engineer on the Deployment/Devices team. In today’s blog I am going to go over some tips for deploying Surface Pro 3 related to the Pen and OneNote integration. Tip #1: Deploying…(read more)

Windows 8.1 preview build reboots every 2 hours

Today’s blog is regarding the expiration of the Windows 8.1 preview build which occurred yesterday January 15 th , 2014. If you installed the Windows 8.1 preview build and have not upgraded to 8.1 RTM you may notice that your machine is rebooting…(read more)