Getting Started with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1: Part II, starting with Selection Profiles (and some random Windows Server 2003 End of Service ramblings)

A while back (and longer than I’d like to admit), I wrote a post on getting started with Windows Deployment for Windows Server or Windows client using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. I’ve helped many customers since then setup and use MDT in their environment. Many of these engagements are a result of Windows Server 2003…

Troubleshooting Common Surface Pro 3 Issues Post Deployment

With the launch of Surface Pro 3, enterprises have been testing/deploying them. Almost all deploy a customized image to Surface Pro 3 and sometimes they hit a roadblock. Today, I will talk about some of the basic things to check that can help narrow down…(read more)

Surface Pro 3 Hibernation Update You’ll Want To Apply

Hey folks Joao Botto with a quick link to some very important Surface Pro 3 information that Scott McArthur published on the AskCore blog: If have used a Surface Pro 3 you may have noticed that after 4h of sleep it just goes into hibernation by default. That is because (1) It wakes up…

Updating Surface Pro 3 firmware (Cross Post)

Hi this is Scott McArthur and I just wanted to call attention to a blog that I worked on with some of our PFE engineers that just posted related to Surface. How to Update the Surface Pro 3 Firmware Offline using a USB Drive http://blogs.technet…(read more)

Asset Tag Tool for Surface Pro 3

Hi my name is Scott McArthur and I want to call out a tool that recently came out that allows Enterprise customers to set Asset Tags on Surface Pro 3. This tool is available for download at the following location:…(read more)

How to Update the Surface Pro 3 Firmware Offline using a USB Drive

Today’s blog post is a collaboration between our PFE group and premier support. Joao Botto (PFE), Kyle Blagg (PFE), and Scott McArthur (Support) are writing about their favorite device. You will see this post in the askpfeplat and askcore blogs. Some of you may know that we launched Surface Pro 3 before its gigabit network…

MDT 2013 – Part I: MDT Configuration; Capture a Windows Server 2012 R2 Base OS Image

Greetings and salutations! As many of you know, the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, or "MDT," is a mature, powerful and flexible toolset for client and server OS deployments. My PFE sister-in-arms, Charity Shelbourne has a great starter post about installing MDT and setting things up: Work through that first, then come back here…. Now, just…