Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) Implementation Hints and Security Nerd Commentary (including mini threat model)

Hi, Jessica Paynefrom Microsoft Enterprise Cybersecurity Group's Global Incident Response and Recovery team guest starring on the Platforms PFE blog today. Credential theft is a major problem in the security landscape today. Matching local administrator passwords in an environment often contribute to that problem and are a popular target for bad guys. Far more than…

Mailbag – Holiday 2015 Edition

Season's Greetings from the AskPFEPlat PFEs! A solid Mailbag today with items from Paul Bergson, Rick Bergman, Matthew Walker, Mike Kline and Mike Hildebrand. Also an AskPFEPlat alum – Mark Morowczynski – has started making Permanent Waves over in Azure AD land (did you catch the Rush reference I snuck in there? J) Let's roll……

Display Scaling in Windows 10

Hope everyone is having a good day. Today, we have a guest among us. Steve Wright is a Senior Program Manager in the Developer Platform Group. He is authoring this blog regarding scaling in Windows 10 with how it works and how users will benefit from…(read more)

Speaking in Ciphers and other Enigmatic tongues…update!

Hi! Jim Tierney here again to talk to you about Cryptographic Algorithms, SCHANNEL and other bits of wonderment. My original post on the topic has gone through a rewrite to bring you up to date on recent changes in this space. So, your company purchases…(read more)

Becoming a Premier Field Engineer 2.0 Cloud/Azure Edition

Greg Jaworski here again after a long blogging hiatus. Several years back I wrote a popular blog post about becoming a Premier Field Engineer (http://blogs.technet.com/b/askpfeplat/archive/2012/01/16/how-to-become-a-premier-field-engineer-pfe.aspx). To do this day I still get comments and meet people who have been hired by Microsoft who have read that post. I felt it was due for a follow-up….

I Have a Great Idea – but how do I tell Microsoft?

At Microsoft, we value input from the people that use our products every day. We work hard to make sure that our products are user friendly and will accomplish the tasks that make your job as an IT Professional easier and better. However, there are times when people slogging through the IT trenches day in…

Azure VM may fail to activate over ExpressRoute

Customers can advertise a default route (also known as forced tunneling) over their ExpressRoute circuit to force all traffic destined for the internet destined traffic to be routed through their on-premises infrastructure and out their on-premises edge…(read more)