Top Support Solutions for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Here is a list of the top Microsoft Support solutions for the most common issues experienced when using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. 1. Solutions related to inability to connect to virtual machine by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH): How to Reset a Password or the Remote Desktop Service for Windows Virtual Machines…

CROSS POST: How Shared VHDX Works on Server 2012 R2

In the not far back point in time, there was a blog done by Matthew Walker that we felt needed to also be on the AskCore site as well due to the nature and the popularity of the article. So we are going to cross post it here. Please keep in mind that…(read more)

Finding Pesky Stale DNS SRV Records

  Good day to you all – Dougga here with a simple post today using tools you know.   Stale DNS SRV records are common due to no scavenging on DNS zones and each zone has to be setup correctly to have this happen. So, I have often found the "" setup correctly, but the…

Office Applications only print 1-2 pages

Hello AskPerf!  My name is Susan, and today we are going to discuss an issue where printing through Office applications only produce 1-2 pages out of a multi-page document. For example, you have Windows 2003/2008 Print Server with (e.g. Lexmark Universal…(read more)

Remote Desktop Licensing Service Stopping

Hello AskPerf! My name is Matt Graham and I'll be discussing an issue that you may see on your RDS Licensing Server. SCENARIO You have both a 2008 R2 and an 2012 or 2012 R2 Licensing server in your RDS environment. When you look under services…(read more)

Manage Developer Mode on Windows 10 using Group Policy

Hi All, We’ve had a few folks want to know how to disable Developer Mode using Group Policy, but still allow side-loaded apps to be installed. Here is a quick note how to do this. (A more AD-centric post from Linda Taylor is on it way) On the Windows…(read more)

Disaster Recovery – A Reminder

Happy Monday, folks! A short post to remind us all about one of my favorite topic "families" (and one of my customer's most over-looked). We all know that disaster recovery and business continuity efforts are so critically important. We also know the work of DR prep and testing are often so very quiet – they…

Windows 10 Volume Activation Tips

Hi, Today’s blog is going to cover some tips around preparing your organization for activating Windows 10 computers using volume activation Updating Existing KMS Hosts The first thing to do is to update your KMS host to support Windows…(read more)