Unable to upgrade CU . Cannot start service MSExchangeServiceHost on computer

Issue :

Unable to upgrade CU . Cannot start service MSExchangeServiceHost on computer

Setup Information:

Exchange 2013


Assessment & Troubleshooting Steps:

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear(); if (get-service MSExchangeServiceHost* | where {$_.name -eq "MSExchangeServiceHost"}) { restart-service MSExchangeServiceHost }" was run: "Service 'Microsoft Exchange Service Host (MSExchangeServiceHost)' cannot be started due to the following error: Cannot start service MSExchangeServiceHost on computer '.'.".



  1. checked and find if the Exchange services were disabled
  2. Re Run the setup
  3. Monitor exchange services from services.msc and check when the services get disabled
  4. run Get-Service | where{$_.Name –Like ‘MSExchange*’} | set-Service –StartupType ‘automatic’
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  1. turbomcp says:


  2. Henry says:

    Thank you very much for the solution.

  3. wandersick says:

    Thanks so much. On top of this, I backed up original service startup types (Automatic/Manual/Disabled) then created a loop based on the resolution (#4) to keep enabling the services during CU upgrade:

    while (1 -le 2) { sleep 1 ; Get-Service | where{$_.DisplayName -Like ‘Microsoft Exchange*’} | Set-Service –StartupType ‘Automatic’ }

    Once upgraded, service startup types were manually restored from Automatic to their original settings

    1. Thanks wandersick. Using the display name parameter is much more reliable given that not all Exchange services have a name that includes “MSExchange”. Thanks for the looping script too. Saved me from having to constantly pay attention during the upgrade process. This worked for me as I upgraded to Exchange 2016 CU7.

    2. John Krick says:

      I received the same error earlier tonight installing CU18 on one our mbx servers and the loop script resolved it! Thank you wandersick!

  4. Bruce says:

    YES! Thank you for this. Solved the same issue for me on Exchange 2016 CU9 running on Server 2016 Standard.

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