Number of active calls in LYNC Mediation Server

Voice administrators are used to checking the simultaneous calls going through their servers on a frequent basis. This is possible on the LYNC server via the perf mon counters. However, for admins who are used to powershell (cmd line) following is the quickest way to find out the voice traffic.

I am working on this to make the output more readable so expect more updates to this blog. For now, the following command returns the current inbound calls to LYNC Mediation server.


PS C:\Users\administrator.contoso> Get-Counter -Counter "\LS:MediationServer - 01 - inbound Calls(_total)\- 000 - Current" -Continuous

Timestamp                 CounterSamples
---------                 --------------
7/7/2011 6:47:30 PM       \\lyncfe\ls:mediationserver - 01 - inbound calls(_total)\- 000 - current :                         5

7/7/2011 6:47:37 PM       \\lyncfe\ls:mediationserver - 01 - inbound calls(_total)\- 000 - current :                         4


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