Using XP Mode

Recently I had a customer demo to deliver for SharePoint 2007. I had the VM checked out and needed to set it up the evening before the demo. So I fired up my virtual PC app. Surprise, surprise! Windows 7 does not support VPC! Panic mode sets in and I’ve got all pistons firing –…


Windows 7 tips

Hi, I got a request to have the shortcuts info in a tabular form. While looking for an easy way out, I came across these tips on technet: Windows 7 beta 1 Tips Lock Down Unauthorized Applications with the Built-In AppLocker Tool With Windows 7, it’s easy to head off potential problems by preventing…


Windows 7 Shortcuts

Table of Shortcuts  We don’t expect these to change, but look at Windows Help for more info! 🙂


Day 2 with Windows 7

Ok, so I noticed the box around running apps. Subtle, but cool – I guess since I was confused, I was paying attention. I haven’t noted any other blogs or reviews on this. So, how am I feeling? I like the libraries feature. What is it? Simply, I can organize and arrange my folders as…