New SharePoint iFilters

We released our Filter Pack for SharePoint this week. A must have for everyone! Since many products are built on the underlying SharePoint Search platform this filter pack adds capabilities to a number of products (WDS, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL).  The big thing in the pack is the addition of the OneNote and ZIP iFilters.


Logon prompt when opening documents on a public MOSS site

A customer issue again – I’m learning more and more from my customers these days! So, said customer has a MOSS internet site and does the publishing from an internal staging server. Of course the site on the internet is enabled for anonymous users. But when a Word document on the site is opened –…


Microsoft and Stratature

June 7, 2007—Today, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Stratature. This announcement builds on the relationship Microsoft and Stratature have already established, and will accelerate Microsoft’s delivery of technology in the MDM market; it represents the culmination of a company-wide effort across the Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office SharePoint technology groups to deliver…


Developing Solutions with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Visual Studio 2005

6071AE: Developing Solutions with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Visual Studio 2005 In this online collection composed of six courses, developers will learn how to develop customized Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 solutions. Topics covered within the collection include Enterprise Content Management, Single-Sign On, and InfoPath and Excel services. Additionally, the courses will cover…


SharePoint content deployment issues

One of my customers recently faced 2 issues with content deployment. We were both unaware of the hotfixes that were posted to resolve them. Here’s a quick summary of the issues. Issue #1: Some special characters show up in the Published site:  and ’. Here’s the MSDN article for the hotfix: The jargon in…


Windows Vista AutoUpdate error 8000FFFF

I ran into this issue when I got a new HP laptop. After going through the setup of the brand new PC, I found that I couldn’t run updates. After some escalations, I recieved this fix reg delete HKLM\Components /v AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving   Please note, that the engineers worked through quite a few logs on my…


What does it take to be a SharePoint Expert, really?

I’m sure at one point or another, you’ve wondered about this and probably came up with some ideas. Probably before you thought of hiring someone, or probably when you wanted to do some Knowledge-Transfer. Looks like your thinking may be done for you, thanks to Joel Oleson. Here’s what he’s got to say about it:…



Excellent post on how to configure Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in MOSS: And Dan seems to have some excellent articles on his blog, so please do check it out!


More on Java & .NET

You may recall my previous email regarding this topic. In response to my blog post, here’s something I found. Please check out this website and let’s get working on bridging SharePoint and Java! Where do you need Java and .NET interoperability?   Web Services JNBridgePro Performance Low High Security Low High Reliability Low High…


Where’s my time going?

If you often spend your full day working on your machine and wonder where your time went, then here’s something that may help!