My recent use of SharePoint 2010

Finally after a long wait (time hardly matters), the Center of Expertise is ready! I’ve got 4 amazing dudes working with me and they’re specialists in various technologies:



Amr Ammar

UC & Exchange TSP

Ashraf Mansour

SharePoint & Office TSP

Ibrahim Sedky

UC & Exchange SSP
Mohamad El Hawary SharePoint & Office SSP

So with this team on the ground, I’ve hopefully got a lighter workload and we’re able to server our varied customers a lot better. They’ve already gotten off to a strong start, engaging with you, our customers & partners.

Recently at the Open Door event, our team was at the  Immersion Experience booth, where we showed off our IW technologies all meshed together into one deployment. That was a crowd pleaser what with all the gadgets on display too.

Soon you’ll find that Ashraf and Amr will be revitalizing the UC, Exchange and SharePoint communities with some fresh ideas and helping people realize more from their investments in our technologies. I’ve seen so many amazing people lately who work with us that make me feel hopeful about the future of technology and business in Egypt. In Amr Ammar, Ashraf Mansour, Eman El Rouby, Mahmoud Magdy, Mina Nagy, Fady Eskander,  Ayman El Hattab, Mohamed Yehia, Marwan Tarek, Mohamed Zakaria, Shady Khorshed, Mai Omar, Mahmoud Ahmed, Himan Ibrahim and other techies, I see the drive and passion to learn and explore. With people like Ahmed El Naggar, Kareem Shokry, Amir Anis, Khaled Kamal, George Fouad, Mohamed El Hawary, Ibrahim Sedky, I see the drive to excel and help customers excel. And with these drives and the attitude that goes with it, it makes me a feel a lot more positive about the future.

LOL, and all of that side tracked me in my recent use of SharePoint. So recently I got tired of keeping up with my team’s varied activities. So I set up an Issues List and have asked them all to report their updates through this tool. I customized a minor bit, but it seems to suit my purpose so far. Lets see how our adoption continues!

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