SharePoint Conference!

Dear All, Here’s a great chance for you to see the best of our solutions with SharePoint 2007:   Microsoft European Sharepoint Conference 2007 As your enterprise continues to grow, so does the need for centralized coordination of its communication processes and its information management. But SMBs can equally benefit from a system that helps…


Serge is posting!!

I got some great news this week: Serge is blogging!  Serge is one of the strongest SharePoint guys I know at Microsoft. I got to know him over the mail and phone about 2 years ago when I was inquiring about some webparts in SharePoint and since then he’s given me a strong impression of being…


SharePoint Tools by ITEgypt Corp

Hosam from ITEgypt Corp is a very passionate SharePoint developer. I got to know him quite recently and he’s always been very excited about SharePoint and has delivered several tools to customers in Egypt. Here’s the last article from his blog:  SharePoint Tools Many customers who use Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 addresses some problems when managing and administering the portal…


Sharepoint RTM SDKs online

RTM SDKs are out! The WSS RTM SDK is available now in the MSDN Library: The MOSS SDK is updated in the MSDN Library: No more excuses – let’s see some code! I’m actually going to do this! If any partner sends me a write up and screenshots of an app or customization…


SharePoint Multilingual Scenarios Whitepaper

Update! This white paper provides information and guidelines for using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in scenarios where content is managed across different languages. It details most of the functionality provided by Office SharePoint Server 2007 and suggests how to use it to manage multilingual scenarios. It also provides examples for creating custom Web Parts…


SharePoint Community Site

Come one, come all! We’ve got a community site going now. Flock here and add see if you can make it into the community champs list! This should be a great meeting point for all the bring minds involved with SharePoint, so do join in!


SharePoint Community Search

SPCS 😉 – since we’re so fond of Acronyms at MS! Lawrence does it again. He’s turning into my personal hero. This guy is prolific in his output. And full of great ideas. You should check out his blog sometime. The update for today is his SharePoint Community Search – and I strongly recommend you…


ASP.NET webparts in SharePoint 2007

So how do normal developers code SharePoint webparts? I get this question asked several times. I usually point them the way of,, or some other dev sites with some great articles to walk them through their first webpart. Now, I’ve got two more options for you! First, Jan Tielens’ SmartPart – takes…


Office 2007 – Arabic Articles!

I’m frankly quite impressed by this. I figured that we’d be somewhat slower with the Arabic content, but I’m pleasantly surprised! Maged, from our Office Online team was kind enough to do some looking and pass me these links to Arabic articles: إنشاء صفحات نشر وإدارته رموز تبديل سطر الأوامر فيSharePoint Designer Microsoft Office SharePoint…


Performance – SharePoint search!

I’ve been looking for this info for a bit now. We’ve got a customer who’s in quite a hurry to have the MOSS 2007 implementation up and running. Thanks to Joel’s blog entry I can size it well enough for now! Here’s a paste from his blog: 1. Estimate of Indexed Content a. 12+ TB in SharePoint Content Databases…