I want to Search my way! (and what do Camels have do with search anyways?!)

I’m in a customer meeting doing a demo on search and I get the following response: “That’s all good Kailash, but I’d like to change the way our people see the results. And I want to add some custom filters. Is that possible with [MOSS]?” The answer to that of course is YES! [referring to…


VS 2005 extensions for WSS v3

Another cool download for VS 2005. Programmers gear up! Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services contains the following tools to aid developers in building SharePoint applications: Visual Studio 2005 Project Templates Web Part Team Site Definition Blank Site Definition List Definition Visual Studio 2005 Item Templates (items…



Well, they’re not too frequent, but here’s some questions customers and partners have asked me about SharePoint lately. Q: Where’s the Arabic Language Pack?A: At this stage, we do have WSS 3.0 language packs for Arabic. Please download them from here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=36EE1BF0-652C-4E38-B247-F29B3EEFA048&displaylang=en Q: Where can I find out about the Content Deployment feature in SharePoint?A: Here’s…


B2 to B2TR sometimes causes issues with Workflow

I was at a customer site today fixing an InfoPath services issue. The problem was that every time they wanted to get a workflow running they ran into an error saying something along the lines that the Key was already used before. We fixed that by searching over the net and broadly came up with…


SharePoint 2007 and workflow!

Some good news! MOSS has RTM’d – that means by December 1st week, you should be able to download the release (Final) version a copy from your Volume License subscription! And Arabic is one of the first wave to be released, so look out for that too J Regarding workflow – we’ve got a whole…


Will the new dog play the old tricks?!

I was confronted by an odd challenge today. A friend of mine has an old machine with 2 hard drives. Drive 1 is 12 GB and Drive 2 is 20 GB. Drive 1 was her primary drive. So her issue was that she wanted to move her data and all programs to the drive 2….


Branding your sites

Patrick, our hero, has written a 3 part article on Branding your websites in MOSS 2007. Branding allows you to customize the page and give it your identity and as an internet facing server SharePoint would be greatly lessened if we didn’t have this feature! So without much ado here’s the link!