Sweetie…can I make some security modifications to the car?

This is just too awesome to miss. I always enjoy a good video, especially when it relates to security. I just recently bought a new SUV (traded in the 2004 Mustang GT convertible) with the new baby and now I’m very sad that I forgot to ask for this option when I did. The guys…


The Last Episode on Physical Security!

This wraps up the 4-part series where I discuss physical security at Microsoft with one of the guys who keeps you safe when you visit Redmond or any other of the many Microsoft campuses around the world. Thanks Johnny for making us all feel safe when we step onto the campus and thanks for sharing…


Part Three of Four as We Chat About Physical Security

UPDATE: I got your emails about there being a problem with this Silverlight video (thanks Doug!), so I re-rendered and have re-posted the video. Nothing stinks worse than having the movie go out in mid-series! OH YES! I actually had the privilege yesterday of getting an hour long Capabilities Tour of the Microsoft Global Security…


The Security Show: Episode 3 “Gates, Guards and Guns”

More of my sitdown with Johnny Walker who helps run our Microsoft Global Security Operations Center. When we talk about physical security, as IT Pros, we’re typically talking about securing the datacenters and the boxes themselves. Johnny also has to consider things like Loss Prevention, Executive Protection, and Life Safety (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) Why…


You got to love convergence! The Security Show: Episode 3 – Gates, Guards, and Guns

In Episode 3 of the popular Security Show, we sit down with Johnny Walker who is a Group Program Manager with Microsoft Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). We’ve done a podcast on TechNet Radio with Johnny in the past, but this time we get into a little more detail as he explains the methods by…


The Security Show: Episode Two – Stopping James Bond (Part IV)

This is the last of Episode Two and I hope everyone has been enjoying this interesting session with the FBI. In this final session, we wrapup and get a few comments from the audience. Good stuff.   Next time, I’ll be posting Episode 3 titled “Gate, Guards, and Guns” where we’ll spend some time talking…


The Security Show: Episode Two – Stopping James Bond (Part III)

I hope this is waking some folks up with regards to the huge issue that insider threat poses within your own company. We discuss some of the common characteristics that these people show and how we identify them. What are some of the triggers that make these folks turn against you? What are the warning…


The Security Show: Episode Two – Stopping James Bond (Part II)

In this part, we get some good advice from the FBI on how to have that talk with your executives who like to travel out of the country and don’t really understand the risk that they assume when they carry that laptop, cell phone, or other electronic device with them. Good stuff!


The FBI Celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary!

I had the distinct honor this week, of attending the Bureau’s 100th Anniversary celebration event here at the Dallas FBI Field Office. (I’m the one that’s not blurry in the picture on the left) The event itself was very well done and the speeches by both Special Agent in Charge Casey and by Sen. Kay…


Meet The Feds: Part 3…..Understanding the Coming Threats

This is the last 10 minutes of Day 1 at TechEd 2008 for Agent Lynd and I. In this wrapup, Agent Lynd covers some of the trends in the security landscape and some of the things that IT Pros need to be to be watching for going forward. Next time I’ll load up the video…