Halo 3 Zune: Microsoft Federal Team supports the Troops!

I just got wind of this a few minutes ago, and I have to tell you….it absolutely made my day. We designed, produced and gave away over 300 of these new Halo 3 Zune media players to soldiers at the Baltimore USO, 250 of which went to soldiers who were headed downrange that very day!…

The Loss of a Hero: GEN Wayne A. Downing

For those of you who are frequent readers (or who know me personally), you know that my past is deeply-tied to my coming of age in the 75th Ranger Regiment and the Special Operations community. The man responsible for the creation of this organization, and more importantly a true friend and leader of the community,…

Mitnick and Me

Well, if you’ve been in the information security business for more than just a few months, you probably know who Kevin Mitnick is. In case you are just joining us, he’s one of the most world renown, hacker-turned-security speaker. He even started Mitnick Security Consulting LLC, which I hope is doing quite well for him….