NEWS: ISA Server and Forefront TMG will be supported on hardware virtualization!

Supported Virtualized Security Solutions? Yeah….We Got That! We’ve gotten many requests for this and today we’re announcing that ISA Server and Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) will now be supported on hardware virtualization. This means that as long as a virtualization platform has been validated under the Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP), then we…


Death Star Threat Modeling (Part II)

Here’s Part II of Kevin’s excellent session on Threat Modeling: Death Star Threat Modeling (Part II)


Is Kai Axford Speaking at TechEd 2008?

The short answer is YES! However, I’m not going to be confined to a single breakout room like I was last year. (ESPNism: “You cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him.”) If you remember, we had such a huge amount of folks wanting to get into the session I did with the…


RSA 2008 – Day 1: Craig Mundie and Omarosa

  New Direction I got up nice and early and managed to drag myself over to the convention, to be sure I wouldn’t miss Craig Mundie’s keynote where he announced the new End-to-End Trust vision we’ve been hearing about internally for a few weeks. Craig delivered the keynote in a “fireside chat” format with Chris…


The End to End Trust Vision: Microsoft’s Framing of the Discussion and Call for Dialog Around Security

   You’ve been sitting around asking yourself, “Okay okay…I heard Bill Gates announce the whole ‘trustworthy computing’ concept back in 2002… What’s next Microsoft? How do we solve the future security problems as an industry?” As you know, the Internet has transformed the way many of us live today. Social networking represents the new town…


Pimp my Ride…or Inbox: Check out Xobni

Bill Gates referred to them as the “the next generation of social networking” and touted them as a great plugin for Microsoft Outlook. If you’re into plugins and tweaks, this is a really sweet little deal. In case you’re wondering where Xobni got their name….it’s “inbox” spelled backwards! They got the Task Pane all maxed…


Not your Mama’s Webcasts: Kai does the Defense in Depth Webcast Series

Hopefully you were able to join me for a terrific two weeks of webcasts!! In 8 sessions we covered every layer of the security model known as “defense in depth”. For those of you who missed out on the great fun we had, here’s a way to go and check out the recordings. I did…


Apologies to Partners

It has recently come to my attention that some of the partners who attended my session at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, Colorado last Tuesday were less than pleased with one of the slides I selected in my presentation entitled: Adding a Security Offering to Your Business. I wanted to sincerely apologize to everyone…


Partner Love

Today I’m in Denver speaking at the 2007 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. The topic? A little thing I put together entitled “Bad Things Do Happen to Good People: Adding a Security Offering to your Partner Business”. Here’s the jist of the session: Trusted Advisor – Being a security professional (which is what you are if…