Is Cloud Computing Really Risk Transference?

The current buzz in the technology industry is all about this idea of Cloud Computing. It goes by many many names but we’ll just stick with this one to eliminate confusion. Sure, it’s a great idea and vendors are talking about “moving your data to the cloud” where someone else can manage your data, provide…


Hello Baby!

Frantic in Dallas I’m back…after a long absence. The last 3 months or so have been crazy in my life. After my trip to London and Edinburgh in mid-September, I returned home patiently awaiting the delivery of our son in late-October. We went to the doctor on Monday, September 29th and the sonogram looked great….


Meet The Feds: Part 3…..Understanding the Coming Threats

This is the last 10 minutes of Day 1 at TechEd 2008 for Agent Lynd and I. In this wrapup, Agent Lynd covers some of the trends in the security landscape and some of the things that IT Pros need to be to be watching for going forward. Next time I’ll load up the video…


Meet The Feds: Part 2

We start off this episode with Agent Lynd explaining to us the danger of botnets and who these bot pimps are targeting. We see that some of these bad guys are using these “zombie networks” to commit extortion (or face the wrath of my botnet doing a DDoS against your business.) Good stuff. Allyn goes…


Is Kai Axford Speaking at TechEd 2008?

The short answer is YES! However, I’m not going to be confined to a single breakout room like I was last year. (ESPNism: “You cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him.”) If you remember, we had such a huge amount of folks wanting to get into the session I did with the…


Not your Mama's Webcasts: Kai does the Defense in Depth Webcast Series

Hopefully you were able to join me for a terrific two weeks of webcasts!! In 8 sessions we covered every layer of the security model known as “defense in depth”. For those of you who missed out on the great fun we had, here’s a way to go and check out the recordings. I did…


TechEd Australia: Welcome to the Gold Coast, mate!

     Well, I guess I must have done okay last year because I got invited back to TechEd Australia 2007. Either that or they just needed someone with an accent. I started this blog last year when on this trip, so it’s been almost a full year since I first met many of you….


Securing the Small Business and Good Bye Tech-Ed 2007 <sniff>

Well it’s over. In the bag. Kaput. Tech-Ed 2007 is finally finished. To be honest, I’m actually pleasantly surprised that so many of you stuck around for the last day. Considering that my session went up against Mark Russinovich’s session, I’m glad we got the turn out that we did. Great testament to the importance…