The Last Episode on Physical Security!

This wraps up the 4-part series where I discuss physical security at Microsoft with one of the guys who keeps you safe when you visit Redmond or any other of the many Microsoft campuses around the world. Thanks Johnny for making us all feel safe when we step onto the campus and thanks for sharing your terrific story of security convergence and how that happens here.

I have one more series still in the bag, and it’s about How Microsoft IT Does Smart Cards, where will sit down and find out the challenges we faced in deploying smart cards to 80,000+ employees around the world. Good stuff for sure!

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  1. Great question! It’s definitely a Kai issue, not a A/V issue. The original plan was for me to move around and take questions from the audience, and we had planned for a larger room. That didn’ thappen, but the Oprah mic was ready just in case.

    – Kai

  2. Doug says:

    Kai, just out of curiosity, why do your guests always have wireless mics, but you use a handheld?

    Just wondering!

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