Batten Down the Hatches Texas!


Well, I’ve been pretty much just keeping only a cursory interest in Hurricane Ike once my family on the East Coast was going to be safe. Now I have to pay attention again.

A friend of mine sent me this today, which means my flight on Saturday will either be arriving early or departing really really late (if at all). I may be trying to stock up on bottled water. I’m sure Keith will have to buy a generator to keep his 3 monitors running. I love to torment my team in Redmond when they send pictures of 3-foot snow drifts in January…by sending them pictures of the wind blowing a few leaves in my pool in Dallas.

Looks like they may be getting the last laugh.

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  1. security says:

    Just wondering why I haven’t heard about any celebrities donating money to the people who have lost so much, sometimes everything in Hurricane Ike. It has been shown that it takes more than FEMA and the government. I’m not bashing them, they are doing their best with what they can.

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