Part Three of Four as We Chat About Physical Security

UPDATE: I got your emails about there being a problem with this Silverlight video (thanks Doug!), so I re-rendered and have re-posted the video. Nothing stinks worse than having the movie go out in mid-series! OH YES! I actually had the privilege yesterday of getting an hour long Capabilities Tour of the Microsoft Global Security Operations Center yesterday while in Redmond. Amazing stuff and I’ll post about that shortly as well…

Part 3 of my chat with Johnny Walker! He’s got great security info to share.

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  1. Thanks Doug for the quick find! I’ve re-rendered it and posted. Still learning some of the things that cause SL to break…and trying to get around them. Thanks again!

    – Kai

  2. Doug says:

    Hey Kai,

    Your silverlight code isn’t working right.

    Getting an error on clicking the green arrow play button

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