The Security Show: Episode Two – Stopping James Bond (Part I)

I got it to work! I had some issues with the video playback in Silverlight after it came out of post-production in Sony Vegas. I really wish there was an easy way for Expressions Encoder to sort of “save your profile” so you wouldn’t have to go and tweak settings each and every time. Pretty much a hassle. Anyway, without further delay…I proudly bring you The Security Show – Episode 2!!!

A Real Threat: Computer Espionage

I was extremely fortunate that I was able to bring in Tim Stranahan in from Charlotte, NC. Tim is a Supervisory Special Agent in the Counter-Intelligence team and spends his whole life dealing with people trying to steal your intellectual property. he has some great insight into how all of this works, and offers some insight into how it’s being done and what you can do to prevent these attacks. We even have some discussion of some real cases.

These are broken into 4 parts, so it’s much easier to watch in a single sitting. be sure to catch all 4. They’re sure to be collectors items!

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