Favre Watch 2008: The Packers Read My Blog!

packers Last week I was ranting about the whole Brett Favre situation. I’m a pretty loud and passionate Green Bay fan, and literally……everyone asks me what I think about this whole hot mess. I kid you not. This past weekend I sold some bricks we had sitting around on Craig’s List (my first time posting there, even though I met Craig Newmark last month in Seattle. It’s pretty cool.)  When the guy came to pick them up, he saw my Green Bay license plate holder and said, “Sooooo…what do you think about this whole Favre mess?” (I pointed him to my blog…just too tired to keep explaining my position.)

Today, the Packers have decided to let Brett go ahead and compete for the starting QB role. Good for them and I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for the team here.

Before I close, let me tell you about the person that is coming off looking like a class act in all of this: Aaron Rogers. All this kid has done is sit patiently by, biding his time, and working hard. This past Sunday at the Family Day scrimmage, he threw a few picks and missed some passes and the fans booed. His response? “I’ve been booed before and I’ll probably be booed again.” Class act. The Packers have a good QB whichever way they decide to go. Some things do count more than winning and Aaron’s parents can be proud of the son they’re raised.

I Thought This Was A Security Blog?

It is. I’m running into some technical issues while encoding the FBI video from TechEd 2008, so I’m fighting through that. Bear with me. It just started happening so I need to do some troubleshooting, which is always a fun time.

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