The End to End Trust Vision: Microsoft’s Framing of the Discussion and Call for Dialog Around Security


You've been sitting around asking yourself, "Okay okay...I heard Bill Gates announce the whole 'trustworthy computing' concept back in 2002... What's next Microsoft? How do we solve the future security problems as an industry?"

As you know, the Internet has transformed the way many of us live today. Social networking represents the new town square; blogging has turned citizens into journalists (even Kai gets to pontificate on a world stage now!); and e-commerce sites have spurred global competition in the marketplace. But as the Internet has become more integral to our daily lives, it also has become a magnet for crime, and many people now feel that security and privacy on the Internet are at unacceptable levels. Despite progress countering this with technology and process improvements, the full potential of the Internet has yet to be realized yet most people believe that security and privacy on the Internet are at unacceptable levels.

Microsoft believes the time is ripe for broad public dialog about how to build a roadmap for Internet security and privacy. We must work together toward a more trusted Internet that enables things like online child safety, secure and private transactions, a robust critical infrastructure and true, Anywhere Access – while mitigating more insidious issues, such as data and identity theft.

Today at RSA 2008, Craig Mundie, announced our proposed security vision to open that public dialog. It's called End to End Trust. Understand this is more than just technology. Enabling End to End Trust requires that we continue to build on technology progress and align those innovations more closely with social, economic and political forces.

Action Items for You!

Step 1) Read Scott Charney's End to End Trust whitepaper (23 pages) and decide what you think about it this direction...

Step 2) Post your comments on the forum and be prepared to discuss! Click here to join the discussion!

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