Where’s Kai? RSA Conference 2008!!


Well...if you're an IT Security Professional, you owe it to yourself to make the journey to the annual RSA Conference at least once in your life. It's the world's biggest security conference and many a great new announcement is made here. This year, it's my turn! They have some awesome speakers here! They got Craig Mundie, our Corporate VP; Michael Chertoff, Dept of Homeland Security Chief, author Malcolm Gladwell, and a bunch of others.

I just got in, and I'm currently unpacking, but it looks like we'll have a fun-filled week. I forgot how nice San Francisco is in the Spring! It's Opening Day for MLB's San Francisco Giants (sans Barry Bonds) and the local protesters are enjoying this day (literally as I'm typing) by scaling the Golden Gate bridge to hang a huge Free Tibet banner.  Ahhh Spring! Well, this week is all about learning what the future of security looks like and seeing all the latest and greatest technologies involved. I can't wait. You are probably wondering what I'll be doing, and no, it won't be mu usual speaking gig. I'm actually going to be staffing the event to help answer your questions, as well as blogging and doing some screencasting for the event, assuming no technical issues and everything Keith Combs showed me works. (BTW, if you're wondering, I managed to get a slot by mentioning that I can lift heavy things. We do what we have too <sigh>.)

If you're in the Microsoft area, please come on over and say hello! I love to hear what's going on in the real security world from those of you who live it! If I'm not around, please catch me when I'm running around the Moscone Center, as I love to sit and chat. Since I'll be staffing, the sessions I attend will be varied, but I'm going to try and hit the majority of ones that deal with Internet crime and insider threat, as well ones that deal with the business of security. I'll report back each night with a few posts about each of the sessions I attend. Also, be sure to check out the Microsoft RSA 2008 blog, where my buddy Jeff Jones will be doing the same for keynotes and the sessions he attends.

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