Secure Code through the Eyes of an IT Pro

I’m not Michael Howard. My software development background consisted of struggling through my two C++ classes in my undergraduate MIS program. Sure, I managed to convince my professors that I knew what a virtual function was and how it all worked, but I never really felt the “Call of the Code” like Michael, Bill Steele,…



Hello world


Pimp my Ride…or Inbox: Check out Xobni

Bill Gates referred to them as the “the next generation of social networking” and touted them as a great plugin for Microsoft Outlook. If you’re into plugins and tweaks, this is a really sweet little deal. In case you’re wondering where Xobni got their name….it’s “inbox” spelled backwards! They got the Task Pane all maxed…


Anna Bot

At Microsoft, we have a team of both internal and external vendors who spend their entire lives creating presentations for speakers like me. While the material is not always perfect, it is often a huge time saver. Unfortunately the material is not always applicable to what I’m going to be speaking on. I’m not saying…


Book of the Month Club: Influence: Science and Practice, by Robert Cialdini

I’ve been meaning to get back to the Book O’ The Month club idea for awhile. My buddy Matt started the idea, and I’m glomming on, since I think it’s a good one. Mitnick Recommended The book I just finished is entitled “Influence: Science and Practice” by Robert Cialdini. Before I dive into the why…


The End of an Era: Brett Favre to Retire

Stunned. Shocked.  I can’t believe that the heart of my beloved Green Bay Packers is hanging up the cleats. Regardless, I completely respect and understand Brett’s decision to retire. He holds all those NFL records, 3 MVPs, and a Super Bowl title. All I can say is Thank You Brett Favre for the years of…