It Was A Good Run….

Packers defensive tackle Corey Williams kneels to compose himself after a 23-20 overtime loss to the New York Giants in Sunday night's NFC championship game at Lambeau Field.  Patrick Ferron/The you can imagine it has taken me some time to get over the fact that my beloved Green Bay Packers football season has come to an end. I appreciate all the emails, text messages, and phone calls concerning my well being. Contrary to many reports, I was not on "suicide watch" but it was not a very pleasant evening at Casa del Axford. I especially want to apologize to my lovely bride for her patience and understanding during my emotional crisis. She puts up with a lot from her crazy Packers husband and she is truly a gift from God.

The loss was especially painful as they were given numerous opportunities to beat the New York Football Giants, yet seemed to squander each of them. How can Al Harris (who's going to the Pro Bowl) allow Plaxico Burress to punk him like a little kid out there??!! How can our running offense just completely dry up and blow away in a week? How does a professional football player not simply FALL ON THE LOOSE BALL AND ENSURE HIS TEAM A WIN!!?!?!?

Many of you will quickly call out my lack of attention paid to Brett Favre....especially for his game-losing interception in OT. Here's the deal: It's the same gunslinger mentality that got us to the NFC Championship game. It was the same kind of pass that won the game against Denver in overtime. You live by the die by the gunslinger. Simple as that.

Thank you Green Bay Packers for a great season and for not having to have me cash out my 401(k) to go the Super Bowl!

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  1. Keith Combs says:

    I’m guessing if Dallas had not choked, then the Packers would have been in Dallas at 40 degrees and the end result would have been different.  I would have liked to see Brett and company go end the run of the Patriots, but now I am forced to pull for the Patriots to beat NYG.

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