Happy and Secure New Year!

I have returned! As many of you are aware, I travel extensively for my job and I was literally on the road for almost 10 straight weeks the latter part of 2007. Los Angeles. New York. Buenos Aires (x2). London. Redmond. Mexico City. Washington D.C. Toronto. I was more than excited to get to my vacation, which literally started on 11/27 and lasted right up until 1/1/2008. I got to spend a terrific Christmas with my family and now I'm re-charged, re-motivated, and re-engaged to bring you the finest and most interesting security news and happenings...and maybe have a little fun along the way.

The To-Do Blog List and other Random Thoughts

You guys probably had a pretty long list of stuff you've been meaning to get done around the server room, or around the house. I'm no different. I've had a few comments about stuff going on that I wanted to quickly comment on:

imageSecurity Webcasts! - Yep, I'm starting a new EIGHT part security webcast series this week, where we'll cover each area of the Defense-in-Depth model, and maybe get you to think about stuff that you never considered. My goal of the series is to avoid the typical "Microsoft lecture and death by PPT" and turn it into something more interactive. If you got an opinion (and you all do...you're tech guys)...then let me hear it!! I can't fix what I don't know is broke! I'm also going to add a short piece entitled "What's on Kai's Mind" where I will basically just pontificate and discuss what's currently going on in the world of security. Updated daily! You can register for the webcast series here!

Green Bay Packers - I would be absolutely remiss in my duties and responsibilities as an avid Packers fan if I did not salute the amazing job that Brett Favre and the guys have done this year. 13-3??! Who would have thunk it? You may not care for this amazing team, but you have go to love Brett Favre. This season we've seen him break multiple records, including the most TDs and Passing yards held previously by Dan Marino, and even won Sports Illustrated prestigious Sportsman of the Year. They even had to reprint that issue twice more, due to the demand. (Okay, that demand was primarily in Wisconsin, my hometown, but a reprint is a reprint!).

Economic Espionage Blog Thread - Yes, it's almost over. It has taken much much longer than I predicted, but I have been getting a lot of really great feedback from those of you reading. I really appreciate all of your comments and this is a topic which simply fascinates me. I'll finish that up by the EOM, but will keep you guys up to date with any new info that raises it's ugly head.

CANPASS/Nexus - Hey readers....does anyone out there have one of these docs that allow you to pass quickly through Canadian/U.S. customs? I travel up there pretty regularly and I was considering whether it was a good investment. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.

Windows Server 2008 Launch - So apparently this is going to be a big deal. Who knew? I'm guessing by now most everyone has downloaded the bits and have been enjoying some of the cool new security features that are being loaded into our new server platform. Things like Network Access Protection, BitLocker (including encrypting data partitions), Server Core, etc. Launch is set for this Spring and if you haven't reserved a seat, you better get on it.

Bill Gates Last Day at Microsoft (from CES 2008 Keynote) - Have you wondered what's next for our very own Bill Gates once he drives off the Microsoft campus for the last time? You need to watch the video which really helps capture what Bill has been trying to line up following his retirement. Pure greatness!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!! See you on the webcasts!

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  1. AK says:

    Canpass/NEXUS – Great stuff.  Highly recommended.  Five Stars.  I had the predecessor pass (that got shut off after 9/11), and have had the NEXUS pass for 5+ years since (just renewed).  The pass is great for, say, Seattle-Vancouver travel.  There are only three problems that I have found, two coincidental to the program.  First, you have to go in for an in-person interview.  This used to be a problem when the only offices open were on the border (Blaine) – now there’s an office at Boeing Field, so much more convenient.  Second, all occupants in the car must have NEXUS pass cards – makes it hard to take guests with you, although you can put them out in Peace Arch Park and they can take a pedestrian entry (somehow – I don’t know the details).  Last, the regular lane backup can occasionally overflow the length of the NEXUS lane, but that’s rare.  In the same vein, you’ll occasionally get stuck behind someone who is trying to get into the regular lane from the duty-free and blocks the NEXUS lane; or some regular person doesn’t like the fact that you can use NEXUS so they intentionally block it (ride in both lanes).  These last are rare but annoying.

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