TechNet Radio: Physical Security at Microsoft

This is a pretty interesting podcast that I had the privilege to conduct a few weeks ago. I had the chance to go see Microsoft's Security Operations Center (SOC) and talk to Johnny Walker, CPP (Certified Protection Professional),  the guy who leads the team that helps protect our physical assets. As you know, I'm a former military guy, so stuff like this is just the absolute best! TPZ cameras, IR cameras, physical access controls, analytics, etc. Johnny was an absolute wealth of knowledge and I look forward to speaking with him again in a few upcoming "secret ninja webcasts" we'll be delivering in January 2008! (For those wondering.....I now feel very safe and protected while on the MS Campus.)

Read the official blurb here:

How Microsoft IT Manages Physical Security through Strategic IT Convergence

"Join this session to gain a better understanding of the Microsoft Worldwide Security Operations and how they protect Microsoft assets in a manner consistent with corporate culture. Through the strategic deployment of security systems, the Microsoft Corporate Security group is improving the way it protects Microsoft assets, information, and employees."

Blah blah's pretty interesting. If you foresee you or someone in your charge being asked to look into adding physical security to your list, you'll want to listen in! You can download directly from here as well:



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kai gets to go where many of us don’t.  Secretly he wants to start CTU and be Jack but until that

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