Melissa 2.0: CAPTCHA wish you girlfriend was hot like me?

TROJ_CAPTCHAR.A screenshotOkay, this is a perfect example of the bad guys thinking of ways to get your passwords. (Kudos to the guys from TrendMicro for catching this one, as well as the hilarious title.) In case you haven't heard, apparently there is a new virus out there that activates when you hit one of those CAPTCHA checks (you know...the ones that require you to view a jumbled word and type it in as you see it) before you can get a new email account, purchase Packers tickets from Ticketmaster, etc.

This new virus poses as a striptease game and fires up various flavors of CAPTCHA screenshots and as you type in the correct answers, she removes her clothing and your answers get sent back to a remote server for storage, which can then be matched to a list of CAPTCHA sites, and thus, gain entry. Just when someone comes up with a good idea to help deter spammers, the spammers are working on methods to defeat the technology. Isn't security great?

....and for those of you wondering. Melissa never actually removes all of her attire.

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  1. Jarle Nygård says:

    Your post is totally unreadable in IE7 running on XP Sp2…

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