Microsoft IT Security and Data Leakage: TechNet Radio Edition

Listen to TechNet RadioI've chatted with our internal MSIT data leakage expert, Olav Opedal in private as I've put together my session on Insider Threat. Recently I had the opportunity to interview Olav a few weeks ago for a public TechNet Radio session, titled "How Microsoft Does IT: Enabling Information Security through HBI Information Classification". A lot of words, but Olav imparted a ton of information as to exactly how much data we have on our internal network (Answer: 188 TB of data just on file servers and Sharepoints). He imparted some challenges that were faced by MSIT as they started to tackle our huge "data at rest" issue, and more importantly he has some great best practices for you to follow, when you go about doing this in your environment.

Pull the file, load it up on your favorite portable media player, and fire it up as you get ready to hit the treadmill. Nothing burns off calories like a security'll make you sweat if nothing else. Enjoy!

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