Oh Canada!


You know you've made it when you land on the Canadian IT Pro User Blog.

I just returned from a whirlwind tour of Western Canada where I hit 4 cities in 4 days (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria) and then had less than 20 hours at home before my next international adventure. I had a great time meeting the local user groups and making new friends. Of course, my timing was horrible, as it was a week BEFORE the hockey regular season started. Not sure how I managed to mess that up.

The session I delivered was one on Incident Response entitled "Identifying Computer Attacks: Tips, Tricks and Tools" where I not only do a live demo of some of the hackers favorite tools, but also spend the majority of the time demonstrating the ways you identify an incident in your network. I also touched briefly on the importance of protecting your intellectual property from Insider Threat. We can't just have anyone getting access to the greatness that is Tim Horton's sour cream glazed donuts. (BTW, we need a franchise in Texas!)

Thanks again to all the user group members in Western Canada who participated. As always, your hospitality was exceptional and your enthusiasm unparalleled. I look forward to my next visit.

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