Halo 3 Zune: Microsoft Federal Team supports the Troops!

I just got wind of this a few minutes ago, and I have to tell you....it absolutely made my day. We designed, produced and gave away over 300 of these new Halo 3 Zune media players to soldiers at the Baltimore USO, 250 of which went to soldiers who were headed downrange that very day! As you know, I have a special place in my heart for the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who defend our freedoms, and to see us do something like this makes me incredibly proud!

I heard that we produced only a limited number of these Halo 3 Zunes, and most of these are going to be given away to soldiers deploying. We're also going to make these available at a discounted rate at the local military PX and BX, through AAFES.

If you think all we did was hand out a bunch of Zunes, the Microsoft Federal team also delivered an XBOX 360, four Windows Vista PCs, and a Zune listening station with 8 fully loaded Zunes, that the troops can enjoy while sitting at the USO.

You can read more about it here: Microsoft Calls Up Special Halo 3 Zune for Military

A huge shout out to the troops and to those who support them! Thanks for all you do! I'm sure Keith Combs will be trying to work some magic to see one 🙂

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