TechEd Australia: Welcome to the Gold Coast, mate!

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Well, I guess I must have done okay last year because I got invited back to TechEd Australia 2007. Either that or they just needed someone with an accent. I started this blog last year when on this trip, so it's been almost a full year since I first met many of you. Here's to our 1-Year Online Anniversary! This year the event is being delivered in Queensland on the Gold Coast, which is pretty much like Hawaii....but with bigger sharks. (Sorry Matt...wish you were here. Kevin, yes...the toilets do flush the opposite direction.)

Australian Federal Police (AFP) logoI'm going to be presenting two sessions that I did at TechEd in Orlando. The computer investigations session and the small business security session. As you know, I love doing the computer investigations session with the local law enforcement agency. Well, this time is no different....I'm delivering the session with two of the Australian Federal Police's (AFP) Computer Forensic Team. We're going to have the chance to listen and learn from the guys who help make the Internet a better and safer place. Maybe we'll get someone to volunteer a laptop for a forensics tools demo!!!

I'm also going to be joining the Ask the Experts panel on the discussion of "The Soft Stuff", where I'll talk about the non-technical aspects of security like how to argue your case with financial chat (Do you really understand how to use capital budgeting to justify your security purchases?), as well as insider threats and other items. Good stuff!

I would like to close this post by clearly stating my position on that Australian delicacy known as Vegemite. I do not like it. While it may look like apple butter, it does not taste like apple butter. I am extremely pleased however, with the Australian notion of serving dried apricots along with cheese and crackers for dessert. I will be implementing this fine tradition in the U.S. upon my return. Cheese. Mmmmmm.

NewZealand 003I also enjoyed a great flight to Australia courtesy of Qantas Airlines. I even had my own "egg" to sleep in. I thin kit's called something like the SkyBed 3000 or something. Pretty cool. Here's a photo in "horizontal mode". It's only like 13 hours and the movies were top notch! I finally got to see "Spiderman 3" and "300". Both great movies. Didn't those Spartans know alot about security?


More later!


- Kai

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