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TechEd 2007 016

Well, this month on TechNet Radio, you're going to get a ton of ME (Me, being Kai...not "Me" as in WindowsME....which I wouldn't threaten anyone with.) Normally you get to hear the soothing sound of my melodious voice each month as I interview Mark Griesi, who's a Program Manager from the Microsoft Security Response Center. During this time we discuss the Microsoft updates being released during Super Tuesday of every month. It essentially gives you a little insight into the monthly patch process, letting you know which products are affected, how they are affected, etc. We also like to talk a little about other current topics in the Microsoft security realm, such as things you'd hear about it in the press.

This month, you get to hear Mark and me discuss the new changes to the Advanced Notification Service from the MSRC (based on the feedback you provided!), some idle banter about Google's recent security and malware report, as well as some other topics. All great stuff.

But as a extra this month, you're also getting the special bonus track! Kevin Remde, of TechNet Events fame, did a Tech-Ed podcast interview with Special Agent Lynd, from the Dallas FBI CyberCrime team and yours truly. We discussed the process of conducting investigations, which was the focus of our Tech-Ed 2007 session.

So sit back.....relax...and enjoy a nice discussion on the finer points of June Updates and Windows investigations. It's summer!!

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