Tech-Ed 2007: Here we go!!

teched07_180x200_v2w Well, it's very late here in Orlando, and like a good speaker I'm still tweaking and adjusting my slides with recent data and working on my demos. I know, I know....Steve Riley and I are on the same team, and are both going to be speaking at Tech-Ed 2007 this year....but Steve is pretty much has a "no demo" rule, and I'm pretty much an "all demo" guy. Bottom line: I'm guessing Steve is probably out enjoying his evening on International Blvd (or on a plane enroute to Orlando) and I'm spending the evening with two of my closest friends, EnCase and Forensic Toolkit. Yummy.

This session on computer investigation is going to be a great one. I even brought the FBI with me. It always helps to have a guy with a gun in the room, in case the audience begins to charge the stage. We're going to follow up the breakout session with a full hour of computer investigation chat, where we can all share some great ideas, challenges, and horror stories with our peers. Plan on hearing about things like forensics tools, tips, e-Discovery, ESI, and plenty more. If you know anything about the topic (or want to learn more) we want you in that room.

My final session this year is an interactive theater session on Securing the Small Business. You know how that goes: no money, tons of requests. Well, we plan on figuring out some ways to effectively become the "trusted advisor" for those small SOHO businesses, as well as any of those "non-revenue generating customers" (aka relatives) you may be seeing. Again, these interactive theaters really get away from the typical "me speak, you listen" scenarios, and allows us all to learn from one another, the real benefit of TechEd.

If you happen to see me running around here this week, please come up and say hello! I'll be hanging out in the Security cabana when I'm not helping maintain crowd control for Steve Riley and his sessions. I love to hear from you guys...and no, I don't have any swag.

Let the games begin....

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